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The DeathList 2021

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Welcome to DeathList 2021. This is a list of 50 celebrities chosen by the DeathList committee, before the start of the year, for their likelihood to die in 2021. A quick recap of DeathList’s rules: Candidates must be famous enough such that their death is confidently expected to be reported by the UK media; Candidates cannot be famous solely for the fact they are likely to die imminently and only 25 candidates can reappear from the previous year’s list. Buoyed by the global pandemic, DeathList 2020 smashed the previous record with 20 deaths, although only two of them directly related to Covid-19. With quite a few new selections joining the list this year, can DeathList 2021 match the performance of its record-breaking predecessor?

The 2021 List

Rank Name Age Description
1 Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 100 Casual racist
2 Betty White 99 Golden Girl
3 Dick van Dyke 96 Actor
4 Bob Dole 98 Politican
5 Emperor Akihito 88 Japanese Emperor
6 Loretta Lynn 89 Country singer
7 George Shultz 101 Politician
8 Rush Limbaugh 70 Political Commentator
9 Murray Walker 98 Formula 1 Commentator
10 Angela Lansbury 96 Actress
11 Bob Barker 98 The Price is Right
12 Alan Greenspan 95 Economist
13 Henry Kissinger 98 Diplomat
14 June Brown 94 Eastenders Dot Cotton
15 Jimmy Carter 97 Ex US President
16 Leslie Phillips 97 Comedy Actor
17 Jacques Delors 96 French Politician
18 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei 82 Iranian Ayatollah
19 David Crosby 80 Crosby, Stills and Nash
20 Prunella Scales 89 Sybil Fawlty
21 Abdelaziz Bouteflika 84 Algerian President
22 Tony Bennett 95 Crooner
23 Rosalynn Carter 94 Ex- FLOTUS
24 Dick Cheney 80 Politician
25 Queen Elizabeth II 95 Queen
26 Harry Belafonte 94 Singer
27 Bob Newhart 92 Comedian
28 Jimmy Greaves 81 Footballer / pundit
29 Barbara Walters 92 Broadcast Journalist
30 Pope Benedict XVI 94 Former Pope
31 Imelda Marcos 92 Former First Lady of the Philippines
32 Yoko Ono 88 Mrs Lennon
33 Walter Mondale 93 Politician
34 Linda Nolan 62 Nolan Sister
35 Joanne Woodward 91 Actress
36 Mel Brooks 95 Comedian / Director
37 Willie Nelson 88 Country Singer
38 Betty Boothroyd 92 UK Politician
39 Jean-Marie Le Pen 93 French Neo-Nazi
40 Sidney Poitier 94 Actor
41 Raul Castro 90 Former Cuban Leader
42 Burt Bacharach 93 Singer Songwriter
43 Leon Spinks 68 Boxer
44 Frank Williams 79 Formula 1
45 Stanley Baxter 95 Comedian
46 Bernard Cribbins 93 Actor / comedian
47 Vanessa Redgrave 84 Actress
48 Shane MacGowan 64 Pogue
49 Shannen Doherty 50 90210 Actor
50 Captain Tom Moore 101 UK Covid-19 Personality

Latest News

  • 31st December 2021

    White Out!

    Betty white 4af876d139af5ba5175f369d6fd388b0

    Betty White, actress of The Golden Girls fame, has passed on New Year’s Eve to provide DeathList 2021 with its final hit. White’s career started in the 1930s and she began to appear regularly on TV in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s she appeared on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In 1985, she starred as Rose Nyland in The Golden Girls, a show which ran for seven years and was very successful. She continued to make TV and movies throughout the next three decades. White passed aged 99, just 17 days short of her 100th birthday. White was making her fifth appearance on DeathList – this year at number two. She was earmarked for the top spot on DeathList 2022 before some hasty reorganisation…

    5 appearances: 2021 (2), 2020 (13), 2019 (18), 2018 (7), 2017 (22)
    12th Death
    Age: 99, Golden Girl, Cause of death: Natural Causes
  • 5th December 2021

    Bob Dole(d) Out!

    Dole 534b654cadd9e66de2f3afd6e51ac0ea

    Former US politician and presidential candidate, Bob Dole, has passed away aged 98, providing DeathList 2021 with another success. Dole fought in World War II in Italy, where he was hit by a shell, causing injuries which he lived with for the rest of his life. Dole was elected a as Republican to the US Senate in 1968. In 1976 he ran for vice president alongside Gerald Ford, losing to Jimmy Carter. After several attempts at securing the Republican party presidential nomination, he eventually won this in 1996 only to be heavily defeated by Bill Clinton in the election. This saw the end of his main political career, although he remained in the public eye throughout the later years of this life. Dole was making his ninth appearance on DeathList, this year moving up to fourth position.

    9 appearances: 2021 (4), 2020 (10), 2019 (11), 2018 (17), 2017 (13), 2016 (20), 2015 (27), 2013 (26), 2011 (22)
    11th Death
    Age: 98, Politican, Cause of death: Lung Cancer
  • 28th November 2021

    Williams - Box, Box, Box!

    Frankwilliams2 3c4dac3a6d10d00dca60a4df4f8968dc

    Frank Williams, Formula 1 team owner/boss, has passed away aged 79 to give DeathList 2021 its tenth success. Williams set up his first racing team in 1966 although he ultimately lost ownership of that team. He then set up Williams Grand Prix Engineering in 1977 and had much success in the 1980s and 90s, winning the drivers’ championship six times and the constructors’ championship eight times. Williams was confined to a wheelchair following a car accident in 1986. He was knighted in 1999. Williams was making his first appearance on DeathList, in at number 44.

    1 appearance: 2021 (44)
    10th Death
    Age: 79, Formula 1, Cause of death: TBC
  • 19th September 2021

    Grieving for Greavsie

    Jimmy greaves 05c992bcfe8e2e2979129d48e080f650

    English footballing legend, Jimmy Greaves, has passed away at the age of 81 to provide DeathList 2021 with some more goalmouth action. Greaves started his football career at Chelsea but played in his prime between 1961 and 1970 at Tottenham. He was part of England’s world cup winning squad in 1966 but as a result of an injury in the early rounds he ended up not playing in the final – although many years later was awarded a winner’s medal in 2009 when the harsh FIFA rule that only players on the pitch at the end of the final got medals was reviewed. After his football career finished, he became a popular TV pundit in the Saint and Greavsie Show which ran from 1985 to 1992. Greaves had a period in the 1970s when he succumbed to severe alcoholism and also suffered from ill health as a result of several strokes in the later years of his life. Greaves was making his fourth appearance on the list, this year at number 28.

    4 appearances: 2021 (28), 2019 (35), 2018 (42), 2016 (43)
    9th Death
    Age: 81, Footballer/pundit, Cause of death: TBA
  • 17th September 2021

    Abdelaziz Done

    Bouteflika 4414bcbae3664443005b72df8bc79ed6

    Former Algerian president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, has passed away aged 84, bringing a lengthy DeathList drought to an end. Bouteflika was involved in Algerian politics for most of this life, acting as Minister for Foreign Affairs soon after Algerian independence from France in 1962, holding the position until 1979. In 1999 Bouteflika was elected President of Algeria, a post he would hold for 20 years. He was rarely seen in public in the later years of his life suffering from ill health as a result of a stroke in 2013. Bouteflika was making his third appearance on DeathList, this year at number 21.

    3 appearances: 2021 (21), 2020 (34), 2006 (30)
    8th Death
    Age: 84, Algerian President, Cause of death: Cardiac Arrest
  • 20th April 2021

    Fritz adds to the hits

    Waltermondale 9d920f0a71218cdb38b7811855bbe9f9

    Former US Vice President, Walter Mondale, has provided DeathList 2021 with another score. Nicknamed “Fritz”, Mondale started life as a lawyer but became a senator in 1964 and steadily rose through the ranks. In 1976 Jimmy Carter chose him as his running mate, becoming Vice President in January 1977, until the heavy defat to Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election. In 1984, Mondale secured the democratic party presidential nomination and took on Ronald Reagan again. He was beaten in a landslide. Mondale was making his first appearance on DeathList, securing the number 33 slot this year. He was 93.

    1 appearance: 2021 (33)
    7th Death
    Age: 93, Politician, Cause of death: Old age
  • 9th April 2021

    Duke of Deadinburgh

    Prince phillip 0a3410b5b06e9b6dc4f01af326d7e47d

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has passed on at the age of 99 to provide DeathList 2021 with its sixth score from this year’s top selection. Philip was born in Corfu, Greece (resulting in his occasional nickname of ‘Phil the Greek’) but was mostly educated in the UK. He joined the Royal Navy in 1939 and married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Elizabeth ascended to the throne in 1952 and Philip began a role that he would undertake for more than 69 years. Philip is credited with his endless support of the Queen in carrying out her duties. He is however more famous for an almost endless series of verbal gaffes that were reported over the years, appearing to demonstrate unfortunate, or extremely outdated, attitudes to race, gender and disability. Philip was making his 9th appearance on DeathList and had firmly held the top spot since 2020.

    9 appearances: 2021 (1), 2020 (1), 2019 (4), 2018 (5), 2017 (6), 2016 (16), 2015 (10), 2014 (16), 2013 (13)
    6th Death
    Age: 100, Casual racist, Cause of death: TBC
  • 13th March 2021

    Chequered Flag for Walker

    Murraywalker b6f80fa2351868be1a3469c65d17c8cc

    Murray Walker, motorsport TV presenter and known as the voice of Formula 1, has crossed the final finish line to clock up another success for DeathList 2021. Walker had various commentary roles at the BBC in the 1950s and 60s, but in the late 1970s become the main Formula 1 commentator when the sport was only shown on BBC TV in the UK. Walker’s had huge enthusiasm for the sport which, often, boiled over resulting in hilarious gaffes, frequently contradicting himself – “Mansell is slowing down, taking it easy - Oh no he isn't - it's a lap record!". In the late 90s Formula 1 coverage in the UK moved from BBC to ITV and Walker followed. He retired from full time commentary in 2001, but still had an active role for many years in motorsport coverage. Walker passed away at the age of 97, while making his fourth appearance on the list, this year at number nine.

    4 appearances: 2021 (9), 2020 (11), 2019 (16), 2016 (42)
    5th Death
    Age: 98, Formula 1 Commentator, Cause of death: TBA
  • 17th February 2021

    Rush To The Exit

    Rush 19bcde7f722ef1255ba61a1c971a5498

    Right wing radio host, Rush Limbaugh, has chalked up the fourth success for DeathList 2021. Limbaugh was one of the original provocateurs who gained notoriety spreading his inflammatory opinions. Limbaugh’s radio career started in the 1970s, but he his fame developed in the 1980s. Limbaugh would frequently refer to feminists as feminazis, regularly slurred the LGBTQ+ community, showed his racism in attacking Barrack Obama during his election campaign and, of course, supported the myth that the 2020 US election was stolen from Donald Trump. Limbaugh announced he had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020. He passed away from the illness aged 70, with many happy to see the back of his bile. Limbaugh was making his first appearance on DeathList, securing 8th place.

    1 appearance: 2021 (8)
    4th Death
    Age: 70, Political Commentator, Cause of death: Lung cancer
  • 7th February 2021

    No faults in picking Shultz

    George shultz bae3d3bd46fb72f58b3a5cdba28509fe

    George P. Shultz has become another score for DeathList 2021, passing at the age of 100. Shultz was an economist and businessman who held several political offices under President Nixon, including Secretary of the Treasury from 1972 to 1974. He was appointed as Secretary of State by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 and stayed in that role until 1989. In his later years he was an advocate for clean energy. More recently he was caught up in the Theranos scandal, being a board director as the company started to unravel. Shultz was making his first appearance on DeathList, straight in at number 7.

    1 appearance: 2021 (7)
    3rd Death
    Age: 101, Politician, Cause of death: TBA
  • 7th February 2021

    Spinks Counted Out

    Spinks 3da756737c766ad0125f67556ee2a0d7

    Former World heavyweight boxing champ, Leon Spinks, has provided DeathList 2021 with its second success. Spinks was a successful amateur boxer who won the light heavyweight Olympic gold medal in 1976. After the Olympics, Spinks turned professional. For his eighth professional fight in February 1978 Spinks manged to land a fight with the champion Muhammad Ali, which, in a big shock result, he won on points. As world heavyweight champion, Spinks partied hard for months. In a rematch with Ali in September 1978, Spinks was well beaten and his boxing career took a long downward trajectory finally retiring in 1995. His brother, Michael Spinks, also went on to win one version of the world heavyweight title in 1981 and his son, Cory Spinks, won world titles at several weights in the 2000s. It was announced that Leon Spinks had advanced prostate cancer in 2019. He dies aged 67, making his second appearance on this lest – this year at number 43.

    2 appearances: 2021 (43), 2020 (12)
    2nd Death
    Age: 68, Boxer, Cause of death: Cancer
  • 2nd February 2021

    Captain Tom No Moore

    Captaintom e8d55985c95158c472f4f134fd477b84

    Britain’s premier pandemic personality, Captain Tom Moore, has sadly succumbed to Covid-19 at the grand old age of 100. Captain Tom shot to fame in April 2020, when he vowed to walk around his garden with his zimmer frame 100 times before his 100th birthday during the first UK lockdown to rise £1,000 for NHS charities. However, Captain Tom’s activities caught the imagination of the British public and he raised more than £32M and elevated himself to national treasure status. Late in April 2020, Captain Tom topped the UK pop singles chart, being the oldest artist to hold the number one spot (and possibly also the worst singer to do so). In July, Captain Tom was knighted by the Queen to become Captain Sir Tom Moore and, in September, his autobiography became a best seller. In October he hosted his own series of podcasts. Captain Tom joined the DeathList for the first time this year, in at coveted number 50 spot.

    1 appearance: 2021 (50)
    1st Death
    Age: 101, UK Covid-19 Personality, Cause of death: Covid-19