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The DeathList 1998

8 / 50 dead

After the good recovery in 1997 to score a respectable 9 deaths the 1998 Death List has a significant number of new candidates. Extensive research has produced fifty celebrities who are teetering on the brink of Death List glory. As Mike Buffer would say - "Lets get rrrrready to tumble!"EMail us with your comments and suggestions for next years list at

The 1998 List

Rank Name Age Description
1 Pope John Paul II 78 Pope
2 Boris Yeltsin 67 Tsar
3 Queen Mother 98 Entertainer
4 Frank Sinatra 79 Singer
5 Princess Alice 97 Queen Mum's sister-in-law
6 Ronald Reagan 87 (former) Idiot
7 John Gielgud 90 Actor
8 Barbara Cartland 93 Literary Genius
9 Lord Denning 95 Judge
10 Bob Hope 95 Entertainer
11 Helen Wills Moody 88 Tennis
12 Catherine Cookson 87 Writer
13 Bunny Austin 88 Tennis
14 Joan Hickson 88 Miss Marple
15 Lord Lew Grade 88 founder BBC
16 Fay Wray 91 King Kong's squeeze
17 Lord Hailsham 87 Judge
18 Don Bradman 86 Cricketer
19 Quentin Crisp 86 'Performer'
20 Hardy Amies 89 Dress maker
21 Henri Cartier-Bresson 90 Photographer
22 Baroness Castle 88 Politician
23 Mary Whitehouse 84 Whinger
24 Roy Rogers 82 Actor
25 Sam Snead 86 Golfer
26 King Fahd 66 King
27 James Earl Ray 69 Assassin
28 Alec Guiness 80 Actor
29 Lord Longford 93 Judge
30 Fred Pontin 92 Entrepreneur
31 Arthur Miller 83 Playwright
32 Stanley Matthews 79 Footballer
33 Red Adair 83 Fire Fighter
34 Johnny Morris 78 TV presenter
35 Spike Milligan 80 Comedian
36 Gene Sarazan 92 Golfer
37 Simon Wiesenthal 90 Nazi Hunter
38 Willie Whitelaw 80 Politician
39 Mickey Rooney 78 Actor
40 Joe Di Maggio 80 Baseball
41 Alexander Solzhenitsyn 80 Author
42 General Jaruzelski 75 ex Polish PM
43 Anne Haddy 68 Helen Robinson
44 Eric Sykes 75 Comedian
45 Alistair Cooke 90 Broadcaster
46 Perry Como 82 Singer
47 Pol Pot 64 Dictator (Deposed)
48 Kurt Waldheim 80 Nazi
49 John Mills 90 Actor
50 Katharine Hepburn 91 Actress

Latest News

  • 31st December 1998

    The year finishes with 8 successes

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    1998 finished quietly and closed the year with 8 Death List deaths. A moderate year by our standards and disappointing considering the media attention that arose the year. Thanks to everybody who submitted suggestions for the 1999 list. Lets hope 1999 sees a better performance.

  • 13th December 1998

    Lew makes the Grade!

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    Lord Grade, broadcasting giant, has ceased transmitting! The 92 year old gave some festive joy to the Death List experts by finally yeilding to the years. He was number 15 on the 1998 list. Media coverage of the Death List has started to wane but this may just be the lift that was needed. Its eight deaths now and we're looking carefully at that list for some end of year surprises.

    2 appearances: 1998 (15), 1989 (4)
    8th Death
    Age: 88, founder BBC, Cause of death: More Old Age
  • 17th October 1998


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    A slow period in death list activity has been ended by the death of the Number 14 selection Joan Hickson, the actress who played Miss Marple. At 92 years of age she was always going to be a good selection. Surprisingly her death was not surrounded by mystery - she simply appears to have died of old age - but it still counts as the 7th death of the year for the list.

    1 appearance: 1998 (14)
    7th Death
    Age: 88, Miss Marple, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 8th July 1998

    Trigger Happy??

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    1940's Cowboy Roy Roger's has taken his last ride into the sunset and chalked up the sixth death of the year for this year's list. Roger's was 86 and occupied the 24 spot. His horse, Trigger, died in the 1960's and was stuffed and put on display in Roger's own museum. We await confirmation that Roger's himself will be joining Trigger in the museum.

    1 appearance: 1998 (24)
    6th Death
    Age: 82, Actor, Cause of death: Old cowboy syndrome
  • 10th June 1998

    Catherine Cooks-gone!

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    Number five is chalked up with the death of Catherine Cookson. The 91 year age author, who has written more books than years she lived, wrote her final chapter by succumbing to a rare blood disease. The 1998 Death List is now just ahead of pace for the record of 10 deaths in a year.

    5 appearances: 1998 (12), 1997 (20), 1996 (23), 1995 (24), 1994 (11)
    5th Death
    Age: 87, Writer, Cause of death: Rare blood disease
  • 14th May 1998

    Start spreading the news...They're grieving today!

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    Yes that's right...Frank wanted to be a part of it! Frank Sinatra, the Death List's number 4 candidate, died today finally bringing to a close a long series of near misses. He had be in and out of hospital in recent years but just seemed to be toying with us. Finally the trusty heart attack has taken him out to score our fourth death of the year. Its now three death's in a month and there's plenty more where they came from.

    6 appearances: 1998 (4), 1997 (6), 1995 (34), 1993 (53), 1991 (20), 1990 (42)
    4th Death
    Age: 79, Singer, Cause of death: Heart Attack
  • 22nd April 1998

    Hip Hip For Ray! (James Earl that is)

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    The news wires are hot with reports that James Earl Ray has failed to serve out the full 99 years of his jail term for the murder of Martin Luther King. Ray was widely tipped for the 1997 list but disappointed the committee by surviving the year. Dropping this year to the No. 27 spot was just the incentive he needed to finish the job. That's two deaths in a week, bringing back memories of last years glorious 4 in 3 weeks. Keep 'em comin'!

    2 appearances: 1998 (27), 1997 (7)
    3rd Death
    Age: 69, Assassin, Cause of death: Cancer
  • 15th April 1998

    Fred Davis dies

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    2 appearances: 1990 (27), 1987 (9)
    Age: 93, Snooker, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 15th April 1998

    Pot Luck

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    Rumours have been confirmed of the death of Pol Pot in jail in Cambodia. Information regarding Pot, who was either 70 or 73, was very confused for some time as some reports denied his death. Pot was of course famous for operating his own personal 2 Million strong death list on which every last candidate dies. Pot is the second death for this years list, dropping off from the number 47 slot.

    1 appearance: 1998 (47)
    2nd Death
    Age: 64, Dictator (Deposed), Cause of death: Heart Attack (if he had a heart)
  • 2nd January 1998

    Frank Muir dies

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    1 appearance: 1993 (31)
    Age: 78, Call My Bluff Personaility, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 2nd January 1998


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    With the blue touchpaper of the 1998 Deathlist barely lit, Helen Wills Moody, 30's tennis heroine, has become 98's deathlist heroine. The disappointment of missing out on Frank Muir is more than compensated by the death in California of the Number 11 seed, who was 92. The record books show that this is the quickest death in the 11 year history of the list and is an ominous sign of the quality of the celebrities that have been included this year.

    5 appearances: 1998 (11), 1997 (19), 1996 (18), 1995 (45), 1994 (48)
    1st Death
    Age: 88, Tennis, Cause of death: Old age (and maybe tennis elbow)
  • 1st January 1998

    They're under orders...and They're off!

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    The 1998 Death List becomes active today. After some late fine tuning we're expecting a bumper haul in 1998. The second half of 1997 saw celebrity death become cool again and we're confident it's gonna stay that way.