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The DeathList 2002

10 / 50 dead

Here we go again - Another year, another Death List. 50 celebrities have been selected for their likelihood to die during 2002. We do enforce one restriction on the list - at least 25 of the celebrities must not have appeared on the previous year's list. Once again we're chasing the record of ten deaths during the year. Maybe with just a little helping hand from the Grim Reaper we'll get there. EMail us with your comments and suggestions for next years list at

The 2002 List

Rank Name Age Description
1 Ronnie Biggs 73 Ambassador
2 Queen Mother 102 Entertainer
3 Bob Hope 99 Entertainer
4 Max Schmeling 97 Hitler's Boxer (or maybe not)
5 Billy Wilder 96 Director
6 Leni Riefenstahl 100 Hitler's Film Director
7 Princess Alice 101 Queen Mum's sister-in-law
8 Katharine Hepburn 95 Actress
9 Fay Wray 95 King Kong's squeeze
10 Alistair Cooke 94 Broadcaster
11 Milton Berle 94 Comedian
12 Albert Hofmann 96 Creator of LSD
13 Simon Wiesenthal 94 Nazi Hunter
14 Spike Milligan 84 Comedian
15 Pope John Paul II 82 Pope
16 Chuck Jones 90 Cartoonist
17 Lord Scarman 91 Judge
18 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 91 Guru
19 Dudley Moore 67 Actor
20 Sam Snead 90 Golfer
21 Ian Brady 64 All round Mr Nice Guy
22 Michael Foot 89 Tramp
23 Joseph Barbera 91 Cartoonist (Hanna-Barbera)
24 Karl Malden 90 Actor
25 Ronald Reagan 91 (former) Idiot
26 Charles Haughey 77 ex Irish PM
27 Osama Bin Laden 45 Arsenal supporter
28 W. Clement Stone 100 Author
29 Joseph Bonanno 97 Mafia Boss
30 Alex Higgins 54 Pisshead
31 Thora Hird 91 Actress
32 Lionel Hampton 93 Jazz Man
33 Benny Carter 95 Jazz man
34 Buddy Ebson 94 Beverley Hillbilly
35 Claude Levi-Strauss 94 Scientist
36 Artie Shaw 92 Big Band leader
37 Edward Teller 94 Hydrogen bomb inventor
38 Estée Lauder 96 Fashion leader
39 Henri Cartier-Bresson 94 Photographer
40 John Kenneth Galbraith 94 Economist
41 John Mills 94 Actor
42 Lord James Callaghan 90 ex-PM
43 Elia Kazan 93 Director
44 Ernest Gallo 93 Wine maker
45 Kirk Douglas 86 Actor
46 Hardy Amies 93 Dress maker
47 Kurt Waldheim 84 Nazi
48 Suharto 81 Ex President of Indonesia
49 Kenneth Kendall 78 Newsreader
50 Oscar Niemeyer 95 Architect

Latest News

  • 31st December 2002

    Foiled again!

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    With Deathlist 2002 poised to claim the record number of deaths since September, it was disappointing to see the year close without any further successes. We can only look forward to better death news in 2003.

  • 3rd September 2002

    Stone Dead

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    100 year old, W Clement Stone, has become the tenth success of Death List 2002. The philanthropist, who was famous for his positive thinking quotes and books such as 'Success Through Positive Mental Attitude', is now working on a new level of mental attitude from his grave. Death List 2002 now has nearly four months to gain another success and claim the Death List record.

    1 appearance: 2002 (28)
    10th Death
    Age: 100, Author, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 30th August 2002

    Bad Vibes for Hampton

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    Jazz vibraphone player, Lionel Hampton, has died of heart failure aged 94 to give Death List 2002 its ninth success of the year. Hampton was making his first appearance on the Death List and took this year's number 32 slot.

    1 appearance: 2002 (32)
    9th Death
    Age: 93, Jazz Man, Cause of death: Heart failure
  • 23rd May 2002

    One stroke too many

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    Sam Snead, veteran US golfer, has suffered a series of strokes culminating in his death to provide Death List 2002 with its eighth success. 'Slammin Sam', who was 89, comfortably made the cut, being awarded 20th place on this year's list. Eight dead within five months is excellent progress for the year so far.

    3 appearances: 2002 (20), 2000 (45), 1998 (25)
    8th Death
    Age: 90, Golfer, Cause of death: Stroke
  • 11th May 2002

    Joe Bananas Splits

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    97 year old mafia boss, Joe Bonanno, has died to give the Death List its seventh success of the year. Also known as 'Joe Bananas' (although we're not sure any used that name to his face), his autobiography is called 'Man of Honor'. There is some debate over whether he was a 'Man of Honor' in the general sense however his performance as a newcomer to the Death List has been more than honourable.

    1 appearance: 2002 (29)
    7th Death
    Age: 97, Mafia Boss, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 30th March 2002

    The Mother of all deaths!

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    After a quiet day yesterday, Death List 2002 pounced back into action with the mighty news that the Queen Mother has given her final Royal wave. The 101 year old Queen Mother has been rated in the Death List top five for more years than anyone cares to remember. Her death marks an unprecedented fourth success in four days and sets this years list well ahead of record pace.

    14 appearances: 2002 (2), 2001 (4), 2000 (1), 1999 (3), 1998 (3), 1997 (5), 1996 (12), 1995 (29), 1994 (21), 1993 (8), 1992 (6), 1991 (1), 1990 (2), 1987 (6)
    6th Death
    Age: 102, Entertainer, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 28th March 2002

    It doesn't get any Wilder than this!

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    Where will it end?? Billy Wilder's death is the Death List's third success in two days. The 95 year old film director was No. 5 on Death List 2002, moving strongly up the list after being No.16 on Death List 2001. Famous for directing movies such as 'Some like it hot', Wilder finally succumbed to pneumonia to make it five deaths so far for the year.

    5 appearances: 2002 (5), 2001 (16), 2000 (19), 1999 (29), 1997 (16)
    5th Death
    Age: 96, Director, Cause of death: Pneumonia/Old Age
  • 27th March 2002

    Death List Berle-itz!!

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    Hot on the heals of Dudley Moore, news of Milton Berle's demise has been received. Berle, a pioneering television start and comedian, was 93 years old and No. 11 on this year's list. Two successes in one day is a stunning endorsement of the quality of this year's Death List.

    2 appearances: 2002 (11), 2001 (28)
    4th Death
    Age: 94, Comedian, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 27th March 2002

    Dudley No More!

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    After spending the whole of 2001 at the No. 1 position on the Death List, Dudley Moore has made an emphatic statement about his relegation to the No. 19 position on this year's list, by finally dying as a result of a degenerative brain disease. 66 year old Moore, a comedian, musician and movie star, had been vocal about his imminent demise although it seemed he was starting to outlive his own estimates.

    3 appearances: 2002 (19), 2001 (1), 2000 (30)
    3rd Death
    Age: 67, Actor, Cause of death: Brain disease
  • 27th February 2002


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    Zany comedian and last remaining Goon, Spike Milligan, has died aged 83 to give Death List 2002 is second death in quick succession. The Goons have proved a lucrative source of death candidates with Sir Harry Secombe being the sixth celebrity to die on the 2001 list. Milligan has been a confident selection for several years and finally his liver agreed.

    4 appearances: 2002 (14), 2001 (2), 2000 (31), 1998 (35)
    2nd Death
    Age: 84, Comedian, Cause of death: Liver failure
  • 23rd February 2002

    That's all folks!

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    Chuck Jones, cartoonist responsible for Bug Bunny and Road Runner to name but two, has uttered 'What's up doc?' for the last time to give Death List 2002 its first success. The 89 year old was number 16 on this year's list and helps to ease the pain of failing to select Princess Margaret for the 2002 list.

    1 appearance: 2002 (16)
    1st Death
    Age: 90, Cartoonist, Cause of death: (He)Art failure
  • 1st January 2002

    Another Year, Another Death List

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    So here we go again...Death List 2001 only managed to equal the previous record after a promising start. This year's candidates have been selected, so now lets watch em drop!