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The DeathList 2012

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The research is complete and DeathList 2012 is off and running. The list is drawn up to comprise the celebrities thought, in the opinion of the DeathList committee, most likely to expire during 2012. The basic rules are that candidates must be famous in their own right such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media, however they cannot be famous purely for the fact they are likely to expire shortly. Usually a maximum of 25 candidates on the previous year’s list can reappear on the next list. DeathList scores in the last two years have been disappointing. Maybe medical science is progressing at a faster rate than the skills of the committee or maybe 2012 will see a return to form. Time will tell.

The 2012 List

Rank Name Age Description
1 Etta James 74 Singer
2 Robin Gibb 63 Bee Gee
3 Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi 60 Lockerbie Bomber
4 Ronnie Biggs 83 Ambassador
5 Harper Lee 86 Author
6 Oscar Niemeyer 105 Architect
7 Tony Martin 99 Crooner
8 Erich Priebke 99 Nazi
9 Eli Wallach 97 Actor
10 Kirk Douglas 96 Actor
11 Bhumibol Adulyadej 85 King of Thailand
12 Zsa Zsa Gabor 95 Actress
13 Billy Graham 94 Evangelist
14 Patty Andrews 94 Last survivor of The Andrews Sisters
15 Ray Bradbury 92 Sci-fi author
16 Anna Wing 98 Eastenders Lou Beale
17 Chapman Pincher 98 Journalist / Investigator
18 Yitzhak Shamir 97 Ex PM Israel
19 Herman Wouk 97 Author
20 Olivia de Havilland 96 Actress
21 Herbert Lom 95 Actor
22 Bob Godfrey 91 Animator
23 General Jaruzelski 89 ex Polish PM
24 Margaret Thatcher 87 Milk Snatcher
25 Hosni Mubarak 84 Former Egyptian President
26 Nigel Lawson 80 UK Politican
27 Fidel Castro 86 Dictator
28 Bill Tarmey 71 Jack Duckworth
29 Denis Healey 95 Eyebrowed politican
30 Helmut Schmidt 94 Former German Chancellor
31 Nelson Mandela 94 Politician
32 Peter O'Sullevan 94 UK horse racing commentator
33 Al Molinaro 93 Happy Days Al
34 John Demjanjuk 92 Nazi Collaborator
35 Jake LaMotta 91 Boxer
36 Henry Kissinger 89 Diplomat
37 PD James 92 Author
38 Patrick Macnee 90 Avenger
39 Eric Sykes 89 Comedian
40 Robert Mugabe 88 Dictator
41 Dick van Dyke 87 Actor
42 James Randi 84 Magician / Skeptic
43 Tariq Aziz 76 Ex-Iraqi Deputy PM
44 Muhammad Ali 70 Butterfly / Bee
45 Chuck Berry 86 Rock & Roller
46 Fats Domino 84 Singer
47 Saif al-Islam Gaddafi  40 Dictator's offspring
48 Stephen Hawking 70 Theoretical Physicist
49 Ariel Sharon 84 Ex-Israeli Prime Minister
50 Clive Dunn 92 DeathList Favourite

Latest News

  • 6th December 2012

    DeathList finally gets an Oscar

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    Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, has finally passed aged 104, to give DeathList 2012 its 12th success. Niemeyer has been the only architect to appear on DeathList but made an epic nine appearances. In 2012 Niemeyer had claimed the number 6 slot.

    9 appearances: 2012 (6), 2011 (3), 2010 (5), 2009 (3), 2008 (5), 2007 (6), 2006 (8), 2005 (9), 2002 (50)
    12th Death
    Age: 105, Architect, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 9th November 2012

    Jack in a Box

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    The question of whether Clive Dunn’s passing would help or hinder DeathList 2012’s progress has been emphatically answered with news of the demise of Bill Tarmey, barely 48 hours after that of Dunn. Tarmey was best known for playing Jack Duckworth in the UK soap opera, Coronation Street. Tarmey was 71 and had been in poor health for many years. This was his second appearance on DeathList, this year being selected at number 28. Tarmey’s death is the eleventh success for DeathList 2012.

    2 appearances: 2012 (28), 2011 (33)
    11th Death
    Age: 71, Jack Duckworth, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 7th November 2012

    What's done is Dunn!

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    Some said it would never happen. Others suggested that little understood laws of the universe meant it was not possible. What is it that has challenged such great minds for so many years? Time travel? Evidence of extra-terrestrial lifeforms? Exceeding the speed of light?? No. In fact, they were contemplating the immortality of Clive Dunn, comedy actor, previously most famous for appearing as Lance Corporal Jones in the 1960's/70’s BBC TV Show, Dad’s Army. Dunn was a hotly tipped selection on the inaugural DeathList of 1987. Over the next 26 years, Dunn became a DeathList legend and went on to make a record-breaking 16 appearances, eventually making the number 50 shirt his own. Finally the “who-blinks-first” competition that has lasted more than a quarter of a century is over with the sad news that 92 year old Dunn has passed away, giving the 2012 list its tenth success. Although unsavoury facts about other 1970’s stars have come to light posthumously, apart from some suspect pop singles in the 70s, we believe Dunn will continue to honour the moniker of “DeathList Favourite” from beyond the grave. “Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring” was his catchphrase and also the philosophy he clearly employed upon seeing his name chalked up on DeathList year after year. We salute you Clive Dunn and thank you for your immense contribution to DeathList.

    16 appearances: 2012 (50), 2011 (50), 2010 (50), 2009 (48), 2008 (50), 2007 (50), 2006 (50), 2004 (50), 2000 (32), 1997 (48), 1994 (39), 1993 (4), 1991 (32), 1990 (3), 1989 (19), 1987 (1)
    10th Death
    Age: 92, DeathList Favourite, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 27th September 2012

    Herbert Lom czechs out

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    Actor, Herbert Lom, most famous for his roles as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movies has passed away to give DeathList 2012 its ninth score. Lom was born in the Czech Republic but moved to Britain in 1939. He made seven appearances on DeathList, claiming the position number 21 this year.

    8 appearances: 2012 (21), 2011 (40), 2010 (19), 2009 (22), 2008 (19), 2007 (27), 2005 (45), 2004 (44)
    9th Death
    Age: 95, Actor, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 30th July 2012

    There's No Tomorrow for Tony

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    Veteran singer, Tony Martin, has crooned his last tune to provide DeathList 2012 with a further success. Martin was most active in the 40s and 50s but lived on to ripe old age of 95. Martin was making his third appearance on DeathList, rising up to the number 7 slot this year.

    3 appearances: 2012 (7), 2011 (35), 2005 (36)
    8th Death
    Age: 99, Crooner, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 4th July 2012

    Sykes: With the Lid On

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    Eric Sykes, British comedian, has passed away to bring DeathList 2012 its seventh score of the year. Sykes was most famous for his British TV work in the 50's, 60's and 70's including his eponymous BBC show with Hattie Jacques and his 1967 film The Plank which co-starred Tommy Cooper. Despite being virtually deaf, in 1997 he was one of the voices in cult TV classic, Teletubbies. Sykes dies after a short illness aged 89. He made six appearances on DeathList, this year at number 39.

    6 appearances: 2012 (39), 2010 (41), 2008 (39), 2003 (45), 1998 (44), 1993 (41)
    7th Death
    Age: 89, Comedian, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 30th June 2012

    Yitzhak kicks it

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    Yitzhak Shamir, former Israeli prime minister, has chalked up another score for DeathList 2012. Shamir was a Mossad agent in the 1960s, becoming the seventh Israeli prime minister in 1977. Shamir suffered from Alzheimer's disease for the last decade of his life and passed away aged 96. He is the sixth success for this year's list and appeared nine times on the list, this year in 18th position.

    9 appearances: 2012 (18), 2011 (6), 2010 (12), 2009 (15), 2008 (13), 2007 (23), 2004 (34), 2003 (35), 1994 (34)
    6th Death
    Age: 97, Ex PM Israel, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 6th June 2012

    It's curtains for Ray Bradbury Theater

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    Science fiction author, Ray Bradbury, has passed away, aged 91, to continue DeathList's recent hot streak. Bradbury was best known for his 1953 novel , Fahrenheit 451, about a futuristic world in which books are burned. He also wrote scripts for the Twilight Zone and, later, had his own TV show Ray Bradbury Theater. Bradbury was making his third appearance on DeathList and in 2012 was the number 15 selection. His death is the fifth success of the year and the third in the last 18 days.

    3 appearances: 2012 (15), 2011 (12), 2010 (28)
    5th Death
    Age: 92, Sci-fi author, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 19th May 2012

    No more Staying Alive

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    Robin Gibb has ended the "will he, won't he" speculation by passing away from cancer aged 62. The co-founder of the Bee Gees becomes the third of the Gibb brothers to die, giving DeathList 2012 its fourth success of the year and the second inside of a one day. His passing has been described as a "Tragedy" and leaves the one remaining Gibb brother being asked by reporters "How Deep is your Bruv?". Gibb was the number 2 selection on this year's list, making his first appearance, and, in a rare event, sees the top three DeathList candidates all passing. On a day when a man who caused much pain and suffering for people throughout the world is taken from us by cancer, it's a little sad to see him steal the headlines of the death of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.

    1 appearance: 2012 (2)
    4th Death
    Age: 63, Bee Gee, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 19th May 2012

    Al Megrahi finally defused

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    Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988, has finally passed away, giving DeathList 2012 its third success. Expectations of Al Megrahi's demise had been high since he was freed from prison in Scotland on compassionate grounds in 2009 on the basis he was expected to succumb to prostate cancer within weeks or months of release. However, he took the opportunity to take on Ronnie Biggs in a competition to see who could survive the longest after being released by the UK authorities on the basis he was about to die. Megrahi ultimately managed a heroic 2 years and 9 months, even out-surviving Colonel Gaddafi, although Biggs was always going to be a tough competitor. Whether Megrahi was, in fact, actually the Lockerbie bomber continues to be the subject of much debate, but at least his spot on DeathList, this year selected number 3, was never in dispute.

    3 appearances: 2012 (3), 2010 (1), 2009 (2)
    3rd Death
    Age: 60, Lockerbie Bomber, Cause of death: Cancer
  • 17th March 2012

    John Demjanjuk Dies

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    John Demjanjuk , alleged Nazi collaborator, has died to provide DeathList 2012 with its second success of the year. Demjanjuk was born in Ukraine, but after being captured by the Germans in the war, allegedly became a guard at two extermination camps and was suspected of being the infamous "Ivan the Terrible". Demjanjuk was initially tried in Israel, where his conviction was overturned, and then again in Germany where he was convicted of being an accessory to 27,900 murders, for which he was sentenced to 5 year is prison, equivalent to about 1.5 hours detention for every offence. He died aged 91 while awaiting a new trial. Demjanjuk made 5 appearances on DeathList, being selected at number 34 in 2012.

    9 appearances: 2012 (34), 2010 (34), 2009 (24), 2008 (33), 2007 (39), 1996 (25), 1995 (27), 1994 (16), 1993 (24)
    2nd Death
    Age: 92, Nazi Collaborator, Cause of death: Natural causes
  • 20th January 2012

    Etta's not getting Betta

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    Soul/R&B singer, Etta James, has passed away after battling with leukaemia to put the first score on the board for DeathList 2012. James was most active in the 60's and 70's. Her career was boosted in 1975 as a result of one of her songs being used in a Coke commercial, after a decade of heroin addiction. She was 74 when she died. 2012 was her inaugural appearance on DeathList, with news of her poor condition securing her the top spot.

    1 appearance: 2012 (1)
    1st Death
    Age: 74, Singer, Cause of death: Leukaemia
  • 1st January 2012

    DeathList 2012 is go

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    Will the slump continue or will DeathList 2012 halt it?