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The DeathList 2001

10 / 50 dead

Well, here we go again. The list of celebrities below have been specially selected for their likelihood to die in the year 2001. As usual we have restricted ourselves to selecting 25 stars who appeared on the previous year's list (In fact this year there are only 23 who were on the year 2000 list). Undertakers...start your hearses! EMail us with your comments and suggestions for next years list at

The 2001 List

Rank Name Age Description
1 Dudley Moore 66 Actor
2 Spike Milligan 83 Comedian
3 Don Bradman 89 Cricketer
4 Queen Mother 101 Entertainer
5 Brother Theodore 93 Difficult to explain this one
6 Bob Hope 98 Entertainer
7 Edward Heath 85 ex PM
8 Leni Riefenstahl 99 Hitler's Film Director
9 Princess Alice 100 Queen Mum's sister-in-law
10 Dame Ninette De Valois 99 Royal ballet founder
11 Estée Lauder 95 Fashion leader
12 Max Schmeling 96 Hitler's Boxer (or maybe not)
13 William Hanna 89 Catoonist (Hanna-Barbera)
14 Lord Longford 96 Judge
15 Elia Kazan 92 Director
16 Billy Wilder 95 Director
17 Simon Wiesenthal 93 Nazi Hunter
18 Ernest Gallo 92 Wine maker
19 Desmond Tutu 69 Archbishop
20 Katharine Hepburn 94 Actress
21 Queen Juliana 92 ex Queen of Netherlands
22 Fay Wray 94 King Kong's squeeze
23 Baroness Castle 91 Politician
24 Henri Cartier-Bresson 93 Photographer
25 Lord Hailsham 90 Judge
26 Princess Margaret 70 Queen's Sister
27 Hardy Amies 92 Dress maker
28 Milton Berle 93 Comedian
29 Alistair Cooke 93 Broadcaster
30 Harry Secombe 76 Religious Goon
31 Liza Minelli 55 Entertainer
32 Artie Shaw 91 Big Band leader
33 John Diamond 51 Journalist
34 John Mills 93 Actor
35 Pope John Paul II 81 Pope
36 Mary Whitehouse 87 Whinger
37 Lord Scarman 90 Judge
38 Ronald Reagan 90 (former) Idiot
39 Thora Hird 90 Actress
40 Lord James Callaghan 89 ex-PM
41 Byron Nelson 89 Golfer
42 Stanley Kramer 84 Film Producer
43 Mary Wesley 88 Author
44 Gerald Ford 88 ex US President
45 Jack Jones 88 ex TUC Leader
46 Bert Millichip 87 ex FA leader
47 Chapman Pincher 87 Journalist / Investigator
48 Eli Wallach 86 Actor
49 Herman Wouk 86 Author
50 Mickey Rooney 81 Actor

Latest News

  • 31st December 2001

    Full time for Death List 2001

    Tombstone 8224b42b00f8262867d91adccfe4ebe304770f39b190dfbad7da9307d656e1e4

    For the second year in a row the Death List has finished the year with a record equaling ten deaths. With 7 deaths by mid April things were looking good for a new record, but sadly things faded during the later part of the year. Surely 2002 will provide the opportunities for an even better performance.

  • 22nd November 2001

    Final campaign success for Mary Whitehouse

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    Mary Whitehouse, the campaigner against sex and bad language on television, has filed her last complaint. The 91 year old, who was number 36 on this year's Death List, become the tenth success of the year. Its unlikely that she would have approved of the death list, however the Death List committee whole heartedly approve of her decision to die and take this years total to equal the highest ever score.

    4 appearances: 2001 (36), 1999 (16), 1998 (23), 1990 (25)
    10th Death
    Age: 87, Whinger, Cause of death: Terminal whinging
  • 13th October 2001

    All Hail Lord Hailsham!

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    Lord Hailsham, former Conservative politician and Lord Chancellor, has died aged 94 bringing this year's death list total to 9. Hailsham was the number 25 selection on the 2001 list and finally gave in to the trusty 'long illness'. Just one more death need now in 2001 to tie the record number of deaths of 10 in one year.

    5 appearances: 2001 (25), 1999 (12), 1998 (17), 1992 (23), 1991 (26)
    9th Death
    Age: 90, Judge, Cause of death: Long illness /Old Age
  • 2nd August 2001

    Longford no longer!

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    Lord Longford, the controversial British politician, has died aged 95 to bring to the end a long barren spell for the 2001 Death List. Longford, who was number 14 on this years list, was famous for having described Moors murder, Myra Hindley as 'delightful'. On hearing of his death members of the death list committee are said to be 'delighted' that Longford has brought this year's total number of successes to 8.

    6 appearances: 2001 (14), 2000 (10), 1999 (19), 1998 (29), 1997 (27), 1996 (35)
    8th Death
    Age: 96, Judge, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 30th July 2001

    Geoffrey Dickens dies

    Tombstone 8224b42b00f8262867d91adccfe4ebe304770f39b190dfbad7da9307d656e1e4

    1 appearance: 1995 (3)
    Age: 91, Historian, Cause of death: Unknown
  • 10th April 2001

    Goon but not forgotten!

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    Sir Harry Secombe, the former goon, has died aged 79 to bring Death List 2001's total to six with barely three months of the year gone. Secombe surprisingly beat the much-fancied number 2 selection, Spike Milligan (another former goon), to his grave. The last two months have been the most active in Death List history and with the remaining list still packed with quality we expect more success soon.

    1 appearance: 2001 (30)
    7th Death
    Age: 76, Religious Goon, Cause of death: Cancer
  • 4th April 2001

    Oh Brother!

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    News has slowly filtered its way to Death List HQ that Brother Theodore Gottlieb, obscure US humorist, died back in April aged 94. Theodore's inclusion at the number 5 spot on this year's list had been questioned on the grounds that he was not famous enough - he has however generously repaid the decision to include him by being the 7th reported success for Death List 2001.

    1 appearance: 2001 (5)
    6th Death
    Age: 93, Difficult to explain this one, Cause of death: Old Age
  • 22nd March 2001

    Hanna Draws His Last Breath!

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    William Hanna, half of the Hanna-Barbera partnership, has died aged 90 continuing a very successful period for the Death List bringing the body count to five for the year. News of Hanna's ill health had reached the Death List committee and consequently he was awarded the prestigious number 13 spot. The record of 10 deaths in one year is now looking in all sorts of trouble as half the target has been achieved before the end of the first quarter.

    1 appearance: 2001 (13)
    5th Death
    Age: 89, Catoonist (Hanna-Barbera), Cause of death: Old Age (TBC)
  • 8th March 2001

    Dame Over!

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    The founder of the Royal Ballet, Dame Ninette de Valois, has finally died at the grand age of 102. This year Dame Ninette moved up to tenth position on the Death List and has chalked up the fourth death of the year with the pace really hotting up since mid-February.

    2 appearances: 2001 (10), 2000 (28)
    4th Death
    Age: 99, Royal ballet founder, Cause of death: Old age
  • 2nd March 2001

    Diamond Geezer!

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    Times Journalist, John Diamond, has finally died after a long bout with cancer. Diamond,47, had publicised his illness in his columns and really selected himself for this year's list. Diamond was the number 33 selection this year and the third death in just over three months. A promising start to 2001.

    2 appearances: 2001 (33), 2000 (26)
    3rd Death
    Age: 51, Journalist, Cause of death: Cancer
  • 25th February 2001


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    Australian cricket hero, Don Bradman, has provided the Death List with a quick follow up to last week's first death. Bradman has been a veteran of many years on the list and had worked his way up the order to this years number 3 selection. Bradman, 92, was finally bowled out by pneumonia just like Stanley Kramer earlier in the week.

    10 appearances: 2001 (3), 2000 (9), 1999 (13), 1998 (18), 1997 (29), 1996 (27), 1995 (33), 1994 (38), 1992 (16), 1987 (7)
    2nd Death
    Age: 89, Cricketer, Cause of death: pneumonia and short illness
  • 20th February 2001

    Guess who's not coming to dinner

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    Veteran film director, Stanley Kramer, has kicked off Death List 2001 by dying of pneumonia. Kramer, who was described as 'The conscience of Hollywood', was appearing on his first Death List and wasted no time in getting the job done. Kramer's inclusion at number 42 was questioned by some as being too obscure however he has provided his supporters with an emphatic statement.

    1 appearance: 2001 (42)
    1st Death
    Age: 84, Film Producer, Cause of death: Pneumonia
  • 1st January 2001

    Another Year, Another Death List

    Tombstone 8224b42b00f8262867d91adccfe4ebe304770f39b190dfbad7da9307d656e1e4

    So here we go again...Death List 2001 only managed to equal the previous record after a promising start. This year's candidates have been selected, so now lets watch em drop!