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Picture of PD James
PD James, Author
27th Nov 2014

British crime writer, P.D. James, has provided the answer to her final mystery in passing away at the age of 94. James published some 19 novels between 1962 and 2011, many of which were made into TV shows or movies, her most famous work being Children of Men. She was granted a life peerage in 1991, becoming Baroness James of Holland Park. James was making her third appearance on DeathList, in number 26 for 2014. She is the ninth success of the year for DeathList 2014.

The DeathList 2014

Once again the DeathList committee, using the invaluable research provided by the forum members, has drawn up its list of 50 celebrities most likely to die in 2014. The DeathList rules require candidates to be famous enough such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media, however they cannot be famous solely for the fact they are likely to die in the near future. Also, only half of the candidates can have appeared on the previous year’s list. DeathList 2013 had a powerful finish, finally ending with a total of 13 successes. With four of the top five passing in 2013, including DeathList ambassador, Ronnie Biggs, the 2014 list sees some new blood coming in and some old favourites moving up. Will the furious pace of December carry over into the new year?

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Appear   Name Age Desc Discuss
1 Star (First Listing Icon) Wilko Johnson67R&B GuitaristSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 159 posts
2318 Billy Graham96EvangelistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 394 posts
31112Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Eli Wallach99ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 135 posts
4 Star (First Listing Icon) Sam Simon59Co-Creator of The SimpsonsSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 217 posts
588 Zsa Zsa Gabor97ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 628 posts
6142Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Gough Whitlam98Former Australian PMSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 142 posts
768Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Chapman Pincher100Journalist/InvestigatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 65 posts
8 Star (First Listing Icon) Luise Rainer104ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 62 posts
993 João Havelange 98Ex Fifa presidentSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 93 posts
10187 Olivia De Havilland98ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 88 posts
11 Star (First Listing Icon) Valerie Harper75RhodaSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 42 posts
1242 Clive James75TV presenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 107 posts
13235 Denis Healey97Eyebrowed politicanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 51 posts
14 Star (First Listing Icon) Chris Woodhead68Ex UK Inspector of SchoolsSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 39 posts
151911 Fidel Castro88DictatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1222 posts
16132 Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh93Casual rascistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 434 posts
17324 Helmut Schmidt96Former German ChancellorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 25 posts
18164Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Ian Paisley88UnionistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 283 posts
19 Star (First Listing Icon) Terry Pratchett66Fantasy novellistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 38 posts
20 Star (First Listing Icon) Joost van der Westhuizen43Rugby playerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 43 posts
21216 Vera Lynn97SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 203 posts
22305 Peter O'Sullevan96UK horse racing commentatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 48 posts
231712 Kirk Douglas98ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 228 posts
24336 Al Molinaro95Happy Days AlSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 51 posts
25 Star (First Listing Icon) Lord (Peter) Carrington95UK PoliticianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 15 posts
26353Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)PD James94AuthorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 63 posts
27 8Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Mickey Rooney94ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 121 posts
283710 Jake Lamotta93BoxerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 132 posts
29 Star (First Listing Icon) Javier Perez de Cuellar94Ex Secretary General of UNSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 10 posts
30392 Peter Sallis93Last of the Summer WinerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 61 posts
31 2 Abe Vigoda93ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 50 posts
32 2 Stephen Hawking72Theoretical PhysicistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 296 posts
33412 Stan Lee92Marvel comicsSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 35 posts
34 2 Patrick Macnee92AvengerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 54 posts
35 2 Denis Norden92Comic/TV PresenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 71 posts
36 2 James Randi86Magician/SkepticSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 30 posts
37 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Sid Caesar92Comic ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 45 posts
38102 George Bush Senior90Former President of USASpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 204 posts
39 2 Charles Aznavour90SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 28 posts
40 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Lauren Bacall90ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 47 posts
41 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Casey Kasem82ShaggySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 117 posts
42 Star (First Listing Icon) Shaw Taylor90Police 5 TV PresenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 38 posts
43 2 Dick van Dyke89ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 74 posts
44 3 B B King89BluesmanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 45 posts
45 5 Jerry Lewis88ComedianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 126 posts
46 2 Tony Bennett88CroonerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 20 posts
47477 Fats Domino86SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 68 posts
48 Star (First Listing Icon) Ed Asner85Lou GrantSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 7 posts
49 2 Christopher Lee92ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 59 posts
50505 Ian Brady76All round Mr Nice GuySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 292 posts
Key To Symbols Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon) Dead Star (First Listing Icon) First Appearance

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